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Nimbostratus Consultancy

Nimbostratus Consultancy is a Bristol and London based Salesforce consultancy company. Managing Director Adam Pearless contacted us with a view to brand his start-up company with a responsive website, and necessary print material.

  Adam Pearless

Work:     Web + Branding


“It has been a pleasure to work with James on this project – we set out to design a new website with a contemporary look and feel, whilst re-branding the corporate identity for the company – and I’m incredibly pleased with the results. I would recommend James for his professional and flexible approach. He was quickly able to understand the requirements and also to suggest areas for improvement. I highly recommend his graphic design skills for future project”

Adam Pearless – Founder

About Nimbostratus

Since 2009 Nimbostratus has successfully delivered expert consultancy to a wide range of clients looking to get the most from the Salesforce cloud. As one of the UK’s most qualified Salesforce consultancies, Nimbostratus draws upon certified expertise to design and implement solutions that meet the needs of businesses around the world.

Brand Colours

Web:   #ecc850
RGB:   236 200 80
CMYK:   8 18 81 0

Web:   #000000
RGB:   0 0 0
CYMK:   88 76 69 96

Font Family

Varela Round Medium
Varela Round Bold (custom)





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